IKON Informatika Plc is an IT service provider focusing on corporations.

We strive to lead our clients through the multitude of available IT services and software and find the optimal solutions for their corporate information handling issues or their infocommunication device pool management. Our colleagues have proficiency in various fields of IT, we master a wide-range knowledge of the market, which all help us to find the right technology, the best fitting device and partner to meet the IT needs of your organization.

Mobile device pool deployment and support

Devices with an apple on them enjoy a growing popularity in corporate use, but with them comes the challenge to use these devices to their full potential in the organization. We can help your company maximize the opportunities offered by your mobile devices right from the start. They could do more than you’d think.

IKON ERP system

All information in a company is only a pile of data until business intelligence puts it all in the service of decision makers. This needs order in business procedures, transparency in the reports, efficiency at the back-office processes – with as few resources used, as possible. Scope enterprise resource planning system prepares most of this information to be within the reach of the managers. Scope IKON ERP ® is optimized to the needs of mid-size companies, with fast introduction, and tailored to the special features of each client. Let’s be honest: there is no prospect for development without a good ERP system.

Financial solutions

We like to think of banking as being IT for the most part. It is a challenge for smaller banks and financial providers to find the core system with the right functionality, which covers their full product portfolio and ensures operation compliance with the Hungarian regulations, while requiring a reasonable investment. Instant Money integrated software system for financial institutions offers an optimal solution. We can also set you up with an instant payment solution as an independent module, which can be fitted to nearly any banking core system and meets the Central Bank of Hungary’s requirements regarding the instant payments. Full-scale solutions are no longer a privilege of large banks!

Software development

Our developer colleagues have an average of 20 years of software development experience behind them, but this does not mean that we would want to solve our clients’ special software development needs from some old routine. Instead, we dig into the problem, we find the right technology, and come up with a software tool precisely tailored to their unique needs. We do not bore you with the details of possible technology choices, because you may not be interested in this, only the goal: to be able to click on your “own icon”.

Work different

This is our message in the shortest possible form. We would like to navigate companies that turn to us among the novelties of information technology, in order to make our so much used devices into our real help at work: integrated and smoothly cooperating software and hardware. Learn more about our philosophy, our values, and meet the team!