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We are the Apple® partner for business
Apple Authorised Reseller

Apple devices increase efficiency, improve security, support workforce retention, and have lower TCO than their competitors. But that's not enough in the enterprise IT environment. Apple has created an unparalleled back-end IT ecosystem for its devices. In order for an enterprise to benefit from the advantages of the Apple ecosystem, it needs us, Apple's enterprise integrator. We'll make sure your Mac® or iPad® connects to the network without a glitch, that the latest updates always arrive, that all your important business apps run without a hitch - and most importantly, that you have expert support if any of your employees encounters an issue.

We have an engineering-level understanding of the Apple IT ecosystem, corporate IT systems, as well as Microsoft server services.

iKON not just sell Apple devices but provide enterprise services:

• Device Enrollment Program (DEP) device registration for companies, schools and organisations
• Support for Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager and Apple Business Essentials registration and tasks
• Designing, planning, implementing and maintaining Mobile Device Management (MDM) services for Apple devices and multi-platform IT environments
• Maintaining the whole Apple device lifecycle

Dedicated Device Enrollment Customer support phone: +36 1 453 4900


Introduction and integration of Apple devices into corporate environment

Mac®, iPhone®, iPad®, Apple TV®, Apple Watch®, AirTag® - you can count on us for the implementation: we know the enterprise solutions. We know the exact solutions for you. We can provide you with comprehensive planning, complex support, mass deployment optimization, bug fixes, customizable centralized monitoring, migration, cost optimization, full lifecycle management, license management, Microsoft and Google integration, enterprise IT integration, security compliance, in other words: we provide a full scale of services.

  • iPhone, iPad and Mac integration
  • Apple Business Manager (ABM) support
  • Hardware support and procurement, including all Apple devices and accessories
  • Apple-based enterprise systems design and implementation
  • Integration of Apple systems into Microsoft enterprise environments
  • Optimizing the Apple ecosystem and enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Providing system administration for iOS®, iPadOS®, macOS®, tvOS® and watchOS®
  • Zero-touch Deployment and central management of Apple devices
  • Enterprise-wide delivery of the Apple ecosystem, user experience, productivity and quality
  • Establishing BYOD, Employee Choice and Multiuser iPad management
  • Microsoft Cloud and on-premise SSO integration with Apple devices
  • Apple App Store license management optimization
  • Apple ID strategy and management
  • iOS, MacOS application development

IKON Informatika, the Apple® partner for business

IKON Informatika, the Apple® partner for business

IKON Informatika, the Apple® partner for business

IKON Informatika, the Apple® partner for business

IKON Informatika, the Apple® partner for business

  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Studio
  • Mac mini
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods
  • Apple TV
  • iPod
  • Accessories
  • Services
  • Apps
  • Customized services

Apple devices, software, and services:

Provide businesses/organizations with the high-quality tools, flexibility, and security they need to get the job done

Deliver a seamless user experience, combined with efficiency

Collaborate with both Microsoft and Google applications, providing the company with all the tools necessary to work more efficiently on any task

Provide high-level, flexible IT operation

Device support, service, consulting

  • Implementation
  • 7x24 system support
  • T&M system engineering support
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • VIP services (management, on-site support)
  • Fleet, replacement equipment, IKON_100% operation coupon

Design and development of Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems

Companies have different asset pools and needs, so we implement the best mobile device management system for each organization.

  • Design
  • Development of migration strategy
  • Development and testing of implementation plan
  • Implementation
  • Operation

Today, security is a huge priority for every company - Apple's secure by design products are second to none, and we build the system to meet the exact needs of the company. Just leave it to us.

Zero Trust Network Implementation

Zero Trust security is a data protection strategy whereby devices and entities inside or outside of a company's network cannot be trusted until they have been verified and approved. A Zero Trust architecture can be designed using robust software that helps IT administrators implement and automate a Zero Trust security protocol across the network, ensuring optimal protection and restriction of all endpoint data from unauthorized peripheral devices. Within this Zero Trust framework, any new device requesting access will initially be considered hostile until a valid reason for access is provided and the credentials of the device owner can be authenticated.

Benefits of the Zero Trust security framework for device control and endpoint protection:

  • Access points are known
  • Reduced risk through device traffic monitoring
  • Reduced endpoint breaches
  • Increased business agility without sacrificing security, possibly even strengthening it
  • We rely on enterprise solutions and software to implement the Zero Trust security framework

Apple's software ecosystem allows you to protect your business from attacks at the highest level, as both Apple devices and their management can be easily integrated with the management software running in the Zero Trust architecture.

Our highly skilled systems integration engineers and architects are able to design, prepare and implement Zero Trust operations for complex enterprise infrastructures.

Work comfortably and safely on your favorite devices

Work comfortably and safely on your favorite devices

Work comfortably and safely on your favorite devices

Work comfortably and safely on your favorite devices

Work comfortably and safely on your favorite devices

Attracting and retaining Generation Z talent is a race - a Mac-iPad-iPhone employee package makes a big difference, while providing the most convenient collaboration between devices. With our help, you can put a flawlessly deployed work environment in the hands of your colleagues, without Zero-touch onboarding IT assistance, right on their first day of work. The onboarding employee switches it on, it's automatically configured and "just works".

As experts in corporate IT, we provide a professional solution to ensure that your organization's Apple devices work in full harmony with the systems and software you use. Whether everyone in your organization uses an Apple device or you have a mixed fleet to manage, we can handle the challenges.

100% operation coupon

Apple devices are durable, they will certainly be appreciated and looked after by their users. But an extended warranty can't hurt. Apple Care, and the IKON_100% operation coupon, are great ways to ensure their safety and protect their value.

Data Leak Protection (DLP)

For years, companies have been struggling to prevent data leakage due to internal risks or external attacks, which can lead to fake news, business loss, and regulatory fines. Advanced DLP allows you to prevent data leakage from managed endpoints without having to spend months implementing the solution:

Protect sensitive data through a myriad of channels

You can protect your company's sensitive data by preventing data leakage through endpoint devices and network communications by analyzing the content and context of data transmissions and implementing preventive controls based on company policies.

Create and extend automated, behavior based DLP policies

There is no need to understand the details of your customers' business operations and manually defined policies. Create automatic baseline and profile-sensitive data streams to continuously adapt DLP policies to changing business conditions, protecting against the most common causes of data leaks.

Instant response to DLP events

By implementing DLP software, it becomes possible to react quickly, even to investigate breaches of internal policies, and to simplify tasks such as maintaining DLP policies through central audit logs via security event alerts. It offers easy reporting with information-rich widgets.

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