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IKON Informatika Plc is an IT service provider focusing on corporations.

We help with technologies, that make it possible for a company to reach and operate its business services and work processes easily, with not more than a click, maybe even all condensed to one icon.To achieve that, we have to harmonize, homogenize the corporate systems behind the icons, and finally, make them cooperate.We strive to make this process so smooth, that the users, the clients or the employees of the company do not even notice what is happening in the background. All they do is click, and the desired service is at their disposal without a loss of time.This is why we do not primarily believe in system integration, but more in system homogenization, which makes all the above possible.

We placed homo technologicus
in the center of our philosophy,
the „mechanised man”, doing his everyday work.

Because we know, that hard working people stand behind every business success, and our goal is to put information technology to their service. The guarantee for company success is to empower employees with the technological background they need for smooth and efficient work.

And as this happens, talent and diligence gain momentum, work becomes enjoyable and efficient – and results will not lag behind. If we have technology at our hands, let it not only be an opportunity, but an active tool to reach goals that are above and beyond our own abilities.

We believe, that IT does not have to be the „required evil” in an organization, or the necessary pain-in-the-neck department of corporate operation. We want to show our clients, that IT is much more a competitive advantage, the point of break-through, where we can complete, extend and multiply our capabilities instead of putting them to the test.

We at IKON have committed ourselves to some basic values, which guide us in the right direction as daily compasses.

Fair Play

Fair business behavior is our ground rule, because we think it is essential for successful and sustainable operation. For us this means that we always take into account our clients’ interests, we operate in a transparent manner, we believe in social responsibility and we work for our employees’ security and well-being.


No one is capable of great achievements all by himself. We believe in completing each other’s abilities – front and back office colleagues, experienced colleagues and newcomers, clients and providers – in a way, that results in an achievement far beyond the possibilities of the individual. This cooperation is the key to our projects, and our clients.


As information technology providers knowledge is one of our key values. The knowledge that enables us to give the right answers to our client’s IT issues, and to deliver the solutions on the highest level expected.
Specialist knowledge and competency is a dynamic focus for all our employees. Being in a sector, where the amount of knowledge is multiplying at an incredible pace, we keep our edge constantly.


It is not easy to constantly keep the freedom to create new things. The pressure is strong to follow the old path, and the well-known (but not always working) tradition. We strive to build a work environment, where it is easy to be creative, and to put new ideas into everyday operations. We committed ourselves not to limit creativity and the freedom of thinking differently. If we explore numerous possibilities, we will surely come up with the right path.

Egy-egy ikon rólunk. Lehet, hogy egy kattintásra nem indulunk el, de egy-két kávéval általában igen...


Ákos Kalmár

Ákos founded IKON Informatika Plc. after more than two decades of leadership experience at IT-integrators. Although he started his career in the FMCG sector, at Pepsi Cola, as sales representative and than sales director, he is in the IT sector since 2000: he worked at Synergon Informatika Plc until 2009 and at T-Systems Hungary Plc. until the end of 2020, which he left as deputy CEO.

He majored in agribusiness engineering at Szent István University, later took his MBA at Pannon University, but it is his intuitive leading talent, his strategic vision and the deep understanding of the IT-market that make him a true leader. Anyone, who has seen his teams in operation, could recognize his maximalism and his client-centered attitude. His enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.

His hobby is playing the piano and he is in love with the Italian seaside.

tibor smiling corporate photo with yellow background pointing at you
Chief Technical Officer

Tibor Körmendy

Tibor has been working in the IT-sector for small and mid-size enterprises and financial areas for 20 years. He has been part of more than 40 successful introduction projects in the last years as developer and manager. These projects involved banks, fintech solution service providers, and nearly all SME sectors. He has learned numerous technologies, including back-end, front-end and data base fields, and can translate nearly any business process to the language of information technology quickly and effectively. He is constructive and endlessly creative with every single task. His sense of humor is one of his most important super powers. Also a strong team player, proven by 35-years of competitive soccer playing.
Lead Engineer / Mobile technologies

Tamás Mihály

Tamás is without doubt the best qualified Apple integration expert in the country. He participates in the inner trainings of the premium global company as the only representative of the CEE region. The list of his qualifications exceeds the scope of this short introduction, but all 24 of his Apple and Microsoft competencies are available on his LinkedIn profile. Not many had a chance to learn so much about large enterprise IT, Microsoft infrastructure and Apple ecosystems in the CEE countries, and if we add to this Tamás’s great precision and wonderful teaching skills, it is not hard to realize his unique expertise. All this knowledge, plus his passion for system engineering is at his clients’ service to support their business goals, as it has already happened with some groundbreaking projects at MSK Hungary, G2 Global Media Group, K&H Bank and iCenter-Hungary Ltd.

In his free time, he likes to go on excursions on ground or on water, and spends time not only with engineering IT-systems, but also Lego cubes. The latter to the greatest delight of his children.