The right ERP system is the key to progress for mid-size companies

It’s impossible to make good decisions without adequate information. A good ERP system provides this structured information to CEOs.

All important information created in the organization, from financial processes to partner management, from purchasing to resource management.

We help to review your companies business processes and scan your operations with individual consulting

A quickly implementable system with affordable price tag, and order will replace chaos, and intelligent business technology will replace Excel sheets.

Professional ERP system for every company!

IKON ERP® is an ideal ERP system for medium-sized companies, specialised for the Hungarian legal environment. The software focuses on monitoring the financial management of companies, optimising day-to-day operations and efficiency, and reducing costs.

Be always in the picture with your company

Plus IKON ERP can flexibly fit into any already existing software architecture with its integrative middleware layers, which use the most modern API standards. Installing Scope will not turn your company upside down, but will support it and raise it to a higher level.

Quick installation, for which every employee will be grateful

IKON ERP fully covers the daily back-office operations of a company. Plus it offers further opportunities to automatize and digitalize with its new functions. Administration becomes more efficient, and the management can finally focus on what really makes the company successful.

Customized analyses

At the end of the day, every process in an organization can be manifested in a financial way, and are easy to detect thanks to general ledger data. We place great emphasis on making this information available online immediately, even they entered tot he IKON ERP system through an interface. In addition, we ensure that analysis can be performed from a variety of aspects and dimensions. Thsu full financial controlling is made possible by completely freely parameterizable analysis codes, by which company-specific rules can be formed.

Logistics module

To some degree, every production company needs warehousing and the management of the logistics processes that handle it. When developing the logistics module of IKON ERP, we kept in mind the needs of commercial and manufacturing companies with more than one consignment and external partner warehouses, but also the management of smaller, self-operated warehouses. The basic goal was to make as many processes as possible automated, to raise efficiency in the field of logistics.

Less is sometimes more

It is essential in every organization, that the least amount of energy goes to doing unnecessary activities and getting the needed information for every work phase. This is supported by IKON ERP in such a way that on each screen only those tasks are displayed, that can be and should be performed by the given person. Plus users can be notified by e-mail of any functional element of the system at the moment their action is required, and this email will contain the necessary information to perform this action.

Let’s start with optimizing the inner processes

Only optimal processes should be automatized. Our consultants scan the background processes in the company to the preferred extent and give advice to potential changes, so that the implementation of the system also refreshes the company processes.

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