Our solutions for banks and financial providers

We provide an integrated banking software system, which covers and manages the full scope of banking business processes on a uniform surface.

Customizable for the specialized needs of the bank or service provider and tailored to the Hungarian legal environment.

Serves the front office activity and supports the account managers in the sales of the full product portfolio of the bank

Immediate payment system as an independent module, which is compatible with nearly any core banking system, to fulfill the 5-second transaction requirements

Instant Money integrated banking system

The Instant Money account management system is suitable to manage the full product portfolio of banks and financial providers: it includes account management, term deposits and crediting functions. Besides the main goal of the product is to cover further areas besides the core banking functions, such as finances and accounting, digitalization and document handling.

Compliant with the requirements of the National Bank of Hungary and suitable for electronic banking

The system includes a report handling module, which enables it to provide the reports required by the National Bank of Hungary, or any other report with the use of the back office and front office data recorded in the system. Instant Money is ready to handle the electronic banking challenges as well, as it is also interfaced for credit card management, web banking and mobile banking systems.

Our immediate payment system (AFR) is available as individual module

Our immediate payment system realizes the functionality required by the National Bank of Hungary and includes reliable and secure operation with 7x24x365 availability, which is secured by the clustering of software elements and data bases. The AFR system is a completely independent and individual unit, which can be very easily fitted to any banking core system, thanks to its rest API communication using standard https based json files.

Tested technology, easy adjustment

Our immediate payment system uses the same technology as MasterCard in its daily operation (Tarantool application server and Lua hardware-close programming language), which ensures the required performance and logical data transformation between the bank and the Giro system. 

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