Custom made software, mobile applications, back end and front end development with 20 years of experience

If you need something unique

Life brings situations, to which there is no ready made software solution, or it is simply a better idea, to develop a custom made software.

Together we find the solution

Our developers will throw in all their wide-range technological knowledge, so that your organization receives a software of its own, which makes your team’s work efforts an all positive experience.

We learn to think with your mind

We dig into your business operation in order to understand, how your future software could serve you the best.

A system tailored to you

We offer a solution, that will reliably serve your goals. Plus, we will have some extra suggestions, which will surprise you.

We tailor technology to the project, never the other way around

We apply the developed software architecture to the required project and your set of goals. For example, in a software integration project, we form a very „thin” middleware layer in order to reach and maintain the highest possible data forwarding speed, and in these cases, we always use a hardware-close language. On the other hand, in case we have a more robust back end, we can turn to more popular and more complex languages.

Flexible development at the front end too

We also use this grade of freedom at the front end as well, where again the project itself will determine, if a cross platform language is enough for the mobile side, or if it is necessary to apply native technology. When preparing front end applications, we plan the web and the mobile design too.


We learn continuously, and keep track of new developments, so we are sure, we can suggest some solutions, that our clients didn’t even know, they exist. We might have some ideas in our pockets, that will result in an even more versatile, effective and experiential software, than you have hoped for.

I’m Tibor Körmendy.

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