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The youth and the increasing numbers of Apple users

iPhone, iPad and especially Mac users are surprisingly young. A survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found that roughly half of the owners of these products are between 18 and 34. And if we widen the scale and say that 44 is the upper limit, 70 percent of Apple users belong to this age group.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature of the report is that Mac owners are even younger than iPhone and iPad users: the 25-34 age group accounts for 31 percent of Mac users, compared to 27 percent of iPhone owners and 28 percent of iPad owners.

The clear conclusion of the US survey is that young Americans are indeed the key to Apple's popularity, and this generation has rewarded Apple's product development approach based on bold innovation and relentless perfectionism.

Going a bit further, we can also conclude that more and more people will enter the workforce this decade with a Mac-iPad-iPhone workstation as their natural choice. It is therefore worth preparing companies to consider free platform choice as a means of retaining Generation Z talent and ensuring that a young person used to Mac can use their brand of choice for work.

Cisco, for example, has taken this step with its Mac@Cisco project after finding that a great 66% of their employees would choose a Mac as a company device if they had the chance. By giving employees who prefer Macs the same level of support as those who use Windows – i.e., a real choice – employee satisfaction has proven to increase significantly.

Retaining young talent is not always an easy task, and this is precisely the generation that appreciates working on a modern, reliable, high-quality and prestigious device.

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